ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A New Mexico mother says her baby was born a rare birth defect that will make his life a challenge.

Now, she wants to raise awareness about his condition.

“He’s been a blessing to our family he’s very sweet, he’s a good baby," said Nicole Martinez.

He’s barely a month old, but mom Nicole Martinez says baby Jaxson’s loving personality is already showing.

“He’s a cuddle bug, he likes to cuddle with you," Martinez said.

Which, Martinez says, is important because for the rest of his life Jaxon will have to rely on touch and his other senses.

“You want to talk to him about everything you’re doing so that it comes so natural," Martinez said.

Her baby boy was born with a rare eye condition called Anophthalmia.

“We were aware that he possibly didn’t’ have his left eye from the ultrasound and then during delivery is when we found out. That he really didn’t have a right eye and that was very surprising," Martinez said.

According to the CDC, one in every 5,300 babies are born with the condition.

Martinez says Jaxson will have to go through physical therapy and eventually learn how to walk with a cane.

“It’s just a lot of tactical work, feeling, hearing, trying to really enhance his other senses so that he can go out to the world," Martinez said.

Once he’s a little bit older, Jaxson’s options include a prosthetic eye or plastic inserts to help normalize his bone structure and give him the appearance of a "normal eye."

“You can even tell now on his structure that the side kind of sags a little bit more skin wise. So you really want to help with the physical appearance of it," Martinez said.

Martinez hopes Jaxson’s journey will educate other parents about the rare condition. Martinez says her family is learning Braille so they can help Jaxson in the future.

There is a GoFundMe page set up for Jaxson’s medical expenses. To donate, click here.

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